Knowing Me

A Communications professional by day and a travel addict every time else, that’s me. I started working early and built myself strong experience, a tenacious skill set and domain knowledge of Internal Communication and Campaign Branding. With over 10 years in the business, I can humbly say I am really good at what I do. And no, unlike what most admit I do not find my job boring, I do not hate it and in fact I quite enjoy a challenge of making an impact through the power of transmission using varied mediums and techniques. I started writing back in school, it started with poetry, short stories, then articles for the school publications, soon I finished university and was in the editorial panels for magazines, then when I began my stint with the multi-nationals, I was blogging for them, creating their internal newsletters, creating operational manuals and soon I was designing some of what will remain the most impactful communications campaign through what I like to call guerilla but effective methods. Some even call me a workaholic but I beg to disagree, it’s just that by principle I need to fully immerge myself in what I need to do, in order to get those results I want (perhaps I am overly critical of getting things done near perfection; evoking the desired response and recall to inspire action).

With this exact same intensity I treat my travel. If there is something that I may be equally passionate about; it is travelling, the beach and the water. I am a self-confessed water baby. Put me in a swimming pool and I could just be there all there, leave me on a beautiful pristine beach and I could sit there hours soaking in some Vitamin D and take me out on a diving expedition and my excitement is palpable.  Started travelling with the family when I was younger but my true affair with travel begun once I started working. I could then plan my resources, pick a destination of choice, pack my bags and be off. No, with a full time job and assisting my husband Kiran in his photography business (, you must check it out, he is awesome) I do not have all the time to make travel plans whenever I fancy but the ferocity with which I desire to keep on the road, I manage to find workarounds my otherwise fairly busy schedules. But isn’t that what makes this so very appealing; it not being the easiest makes it a lot more desirable and covetable. I am an obsessive planner and love to deliberate on best ways to make something happen and this attitude spills over my travel planning excessively.

My travel buddy and life partner, Kiran Bernard is an amazing but equally crazy person. He’s my go to man for everything but for travelling, I’m his go to person. He figures out the financials (travelling doesn’t come cheap especially when you got to pay for it yourself with hard earned money, it needs some smart planning), this while I plan the actual trip itself from start to finish. We have been extensively travelling for the last 3 years (also as long as we’ve been married) and we feel like we are just getting started. There’s so much to explore, new things to see, new places to set foot on, new waters to dive in , new cuisines to try, new friends to meet and new memories to make- I don’t think we are going to stop. Along the way we indulge in our passions for photography, travel videos, scuba diving, and now, I want to document these experiences through my travel blog.  We are currently on a ride of our lives with no expiry; because we believe we know exactly what we want to do to keep us stimulated and excited, no real itinerary, and no real intention but to enjoy the joy of travel in its honest sense. So, hope you enjoy reading and following my blog: I promise you nothing more than exciting travel stories and personal experiences; sprinkled with some adventures, some learnings while we live this lifetime globe-trotting.

Please come join me as we try fighting our incurable case of the wanderlust. To read my blogs, check out my blog  page. You could also subscribe for my notifications on new blogs by dropping us a note. Follow us on Instagram for some pretty awesome photographs (perks of being a photographer’s wife).

I’m super thrilled to share my journey with you, do show us some love!

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  1. Great website. Keep up the wonderful job. Regards, Diksh Potter from Mauritius

  2. Sheena, just fell upon your blog from one of the FB groups! Loved it! 🙂

    1. Sheena Benedicta says: Reply

      Hi there, Thanks a lot. So glad you liked the blog 🙂

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    1. Sheena Benedicta says: Reply

      Thanks a ton 🙂

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