Being someone’s Sunshine

I live each day with the knowledge that it’s key in this fairly difficult times to see people smile around me. None of us can claim to have ‘the perfect’ lives, we are always looking at ways to better our lives, to be in a different place than we are today and to live to see our dreams realize. But in this turmoil, what we often forget or underplay is the need to live today; to celebrate this beautiful world, its wondrous people, rich culture and all the fruits we have in bountiful. I’ve learnt. Yes getting older helps, experiences also contribute and relationships teach that I am a happier person when I smile and when I can be the reason to make someone’s face light up in joy.

Started blogging because it felt like a natural progression at this point in my life. I write because I want to share what I saw, what I heard, what I felt, what I tasted and what I learnt from these adventures. Traveling has given me that luxury of finding a little more of myself in the new places we go exploring. It’s been a little less than a month since I launched my blog site and it has brought me so much happiness. I relive my travels, get to pay tribute to beautiful places this amazing world of ours has to offer, reminisce beautiful friendships made along the way and now I can share this love with other fellow travelers and enthusiasts.

This is why I am especially thrilled to receive the Sunshine Blogger Award.  This comes as a great boost and motivates me to continue doing what I do now. Hoping that through my writing, I can hopefully bring some light, some happiness and some joy to those reading my blogs.  I want to take a moment here to thank Elisabeth Ann (A lot of world to see) for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  I graciously accept it and express my gratitude at having my blog receive this acknowledgement.

 What is your favorite travel quote?

Getting lost, only to find something new!

How far advance do you plan your trips? Share some of your tools and tips to travel planning?

I usually plan my travels months ahead, I like it that way because it gives me the liberty and time to research, make relevant bookings, plan my work schedules around it and then my holiday is truly a relaxing time without having to worry about anything other than celebrating that country/place. While I have taken impromptu road trips but I’d prefer to have time to plan something memorable. My tools are very simple really (an excel sheet for listing, Sky scanner for flights and a couple of hotel collaborators for booking my stay.)

Is there a kind of place that you always check out while traveling?

Yes, I am almost always looking for a dive spot and if there’s no ocean than I look for a mountain to climb. It’s the two constants in most my trips

What sense do you value most while traveling?

Sight and taste I’d say. I LOVE to be able to look and absorb all that beauty and taste because I enjoy trying the local cuisines, food is LOVE!

What blog related issues frustrate you the most?

I sometimes feel I have so much to write and talk about but so little time. That does get a little frustrating at times. I could dream up an entire blog in my sleep and my impatience to pen it down does bother me.

Your next trip will be to?

To this beautiful continent; it’s going to be my first time there and offers me water and landscapes; I am excited. It couldn’t come sooner.

What makes your blog unique and what makes you proud of it?

I’d like to think my blog is an honest piece of writing. It encompasses a fairly comprehensive details on the places I write about. I am of course most proud of the photographs (courtesy my husband who takes brilliant photographs).

What has been your most successful blogpost to date and what is your favorite piece to write?

I’ve just begun blogging and I truly love them all. So while I do not have a favorite blog, I can tell you I enjoyed writing about my trip to Bali; writing it made me want to go back again!

Which country do you call home? Why should people visit it?

I call India home. Like most travelers will tell you India is exotic. There’s so much mystery in her. Each state is very different, it’s culture, history, the people, the language and even the food. I’ve lived here all my life and am yet to explore and see all of its beauty. You do not visit India, you EXPERIENCE her!

Is blogging your full time job? What does free-time mean to you?

Blogging is something that I feel passionate about because it in a marriage between my love for travel and writing. I don’t full time blog as I work as a Communications Professional in an IT firm. For me free-time means traveling or planning it.

Are you happy?

Yes, I am and that’s because I truly believe happiness is a journey!

Thank you again and I am happy to be the SUNSHINE BLOGGER!

In keeping with the culture of these awards and to recognize my favorites I’d like to nominate the following awesome fellow bloggers and ask that they answer my 11 questions. Thank you for inspiring me with your writing.

Anna Lisa Nuttall I love food and your writing style is pretty real. I’ve seen plenty food blogs but yours does have an edge. Great Going!

Laetitia Ginet Your motto quoting Phantom F. Harlock says it all ‘Dreams do not vanish, so long as people do not abandon them’.  Thank you for keeping it real!

Kinga Jaskulska I LOVE how visual your blogs are. Keep adding in some color into our lives through your adventures. Thank you!

  1. What do you love most about traveling?
  2. Is there anything you dislike about traveling?
  3. What are your earliest memory of traveling?
  4. Are you a tourist or a traveler, what do you see as a key difference?
  5. How many countries have you visited already?
  6. Which one is your favorite and why?
  7. What is one life changing learning that traveling taught you?
  8. Do you often feel people do not understand your love to keep traveling?
  9. One travel destination in your bucket list that you cannot wait to tick off.
  10. One thing that needs changing in world traveling today.
  11. A travel motto you live by.

As a recipient of this award, you have some next steps.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers for being creative, positive and inspiring. On being nominated, the bloggers must write a post thanking the blogger who nominated them with a link back to their blog, answer the 11 questions shared by the one who nominated you, nominate 11 other bloggers who inspire you and notify them. Do ensure your post displays the Sunshine Blogger Award logo and also lists these rules.

Do drop me the post link when you’re done, I’d love to read your answers !

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  1. I’d never heard of the Sunshine Blogger Award, but I love some of your answers to these questions! x

    1. Sheena Benedicta says: Reply

      Thanks Becca, it’s a blogger community award. So you get recognized by other bloggers who love your work. It’s a special feeling.

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